Thursday, July 03, 2008

HYIP Today : Casino-Investment

We offer a professionally managed pooling fund that will be used for the sole purposes of casino scalping. We have a team of experienced casino scalpers and team players that will be managing these funds and facilitating our activities in different capacities.

0.1% Hourly for 2000 Hour - Instant Withdraw
2.5% Daily for 1 year - Instant Withdraw
20% Weekly for 1 year - Instant Withdraw
50% Bi-Weekly for 1 year - Instant Withdraw

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All payments are made to your account Hourly, Daily, Weekly,
Bi-Weekly and Monthly for 1 year.
Minimum spend is $1 and there is no maximum.
All transactions are handled via E-gold, Liberty Reserve and AlterGold.
Use our referral program and earn to 5-15% of referral deposits.

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